Guide d’achat : mieux s’informer pour mieux acheter les labels AOP et IGP

Food is oriGIn  GUIDE BUY  that tells you about the excellence of  gastronomy ethical  and  sustainable , compares the  best  Denominations of Origin  official  EU [ guide  PDO , guide  PGI ], and notes the  genuine  products of the  soil .


Protected Designation of Origin Label [AOP]
Protected Designation of Origin Label [AOP]
Protected Geographical Indication Label [PGI]
Protected Geographical Indication Label [PGI]
Geographical Indication Label [GI]
Geographical Indication Label [GI]


To inform: to better inform me to better consume, I am actor of my food, I am consom’actor

Passionate about gastronomy, this magazine, a veritable independent buying guide  on ethical, sustainable and authentic gastronomy , is dedicated to you.

Thus, oriGIn informs you:

  • the latest news and news related to the Appellations of Origin
  • the best recipes around this authentic gastronomy
  • of the history and age-old traditions of this reasoned agriculture
  • unique taste and organoleptic typicity of Geographical Indications

oriGIn will make you travel among the treasures of our gastronomic heritage, in the world of Appellations of Origin [ Geographical Indications , GI] such as  AOP Champagne, AOP Cognac,  Parmigiano Reggiano PDOpoultry from Bresse PDO , and  1400 other European appellations .

Note: better surround myself to better choose, I consult user reviews and editorial notes

Comparative studies, buying guides, user notes, but also the opinion of the editors, we will provide information in a  neutral  and  independent way  to accompany you in your gastronomic desires .

Appellations of Protected Origin and Geographical Indications are currently the only  agricultural products of quality , recognized and  certified by the European Commission .

The  certification systems for  agricultural products  guarantee  that certain characteristics or qualitative properties of the product are provided, in a  transparent manner , in a  public specification .

Compare: better compare to buy better, I buy the best products at the right price, and I secure my purchase

To buy well, the price is important. But is this still enough?

PDOs and PGIs are quality gastronomic products . They are engaged É S , are from agriculture SUSTAINABLE and  RATIONAL ,  and offer many other  properties  that should be included in the comparison.

Thus, oriGIn will promote the search for the best quality-price ratio , and will include in its comparison other characteristics  :

  • equitable approach and short circuits
  • maintenance of biodiversity and animal respect
  • respect for the ecosystem and social approach

oriGIn  – ICONIC Food for SINGULAR People

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